Sony/Ecuador vs España

Not every day you have the chance to play against the world champion. In this occasion we had complete freedom to create the promo from the original idea and has been a fun experience arming this epic play of the Tri.



Client: Sony Ecuador
Produce By: BOT
Script: Carlos Ibanez
BOT Creative Director: Carlos Ibáñez.
Producer: Niza Villacrés.

Concept Art / Character Design: Carlos Benavides.
CG Supervisor: Jorge Baldeón.
Rigging: Oswaldo Sabando.
Lead Character Animator: Jorge Baldeón.
Blocking/ Secundary animation: Silvia Haensel
3D Modeling: Ricardo Gavilanes/ Silvia Haensel/ Ariel Luna.
FXS: Jorge Baldeón/ Oswaldo Sabando.

Sound Design/Audio Mix:
Cuarto Aparte: Jose Luis Sala
Music: Victor Andrade.