Fuze Tea/Herbales

This project is a local application for the Fuze Tea global advertising campaign. Based on the original concept, we made some modifications to the Mango Manzanilla spot and we create a whole new one for Manzana Limonaria.


Client: Coca-Cola Company
Produce By: BOT
BOT Creative Director: Carlos Ibáñez.
Producer: Niza Villacrés.
CG Supervisor: Jorge Baldeón.
Tecnical Manager: Oswaldo Sabando.
Animation: Jorge Baldeón/ Oswaldo Sabando.
3D Modeling: Oswaldo Sabando/ Ricardo Gavilanes.
FXS: Jorge Baldeón/ Oswaldo Sabando.
Sound Design/Audio Mix:
Cuarto Aparte: Jose Luis Sala
Music: Victor Andrade.