Huesitos/Let's get Huesitos

We had the opportunity and challenge to make an adaption of Huesitos's world, to take it from the traditional 2D animation and make it 3D, it was a hard work and we put a lot of effort to obtain a total fidelity between both styles.
The result was excellent and as much as the client we were very satisfied.


Client: Nestle Ecuador.
Agency: FBC Mayo
Produce By: BOT
BOT Creative Director: Carlos Ibáñez.
Producer: Niza Villacrés.
CG Supervisor: Jorge Baldeón.
Concept Art / Character Re-Design: Jorge Baldeón.
Styleboards/ Storyboards: Paco Pincay.
Lead Characters Animators: Jorge Baldeón/ Dennys Sabando.
Blocking/ Secondary animation: Dennys Sabando
Animation Assistance: Greko Mejía/ Ariel Luna.
3D Modeling: Ricardo Gavilanes/ Ariel Luna.